Dead Lies Dreaming

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Download Dead Lies Dreaming Book

Dead Lies Dreaming

When magic and superpowers emerge in the masses, Wendy Deere is contracted by the government to bag and snag supervillains ...

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Download Dead Lies Dreaming Book

Dead Lies Dreaming

In a world where magic has gone mainstream, a policewoman and a group of petty criminals are pulled into a ...

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Download Dead Lies Dreaming Book

Dead Lies Dreaming


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Rule 34

Meet Edinburgh Detective Inspector Liz Kavanaugh, head of the Innovative Crimes Investigation Unit, otherwise known as the Rule 34 Squad. They ...

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"Bruce Sterling on speed? The imagination of Sterling squared? All of the glitz, glibly tossed-off newly invented, or hybrid tech-terms ...

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Download The Atrocity Archives Book

The Atrocity Archives

The first novel in Hugo Award-winning author Charles Stross's witty Laundry Files series. Bob Howard is a low-level techie working ...

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Invisible Sun

The alternate timelines of Charles Stross' Empire Games trilogy have never been so entangled than in Invisible Sun—the techno-thriller ...

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Awakening in a clinic with most of his memories missing, Robin goes on the run from unknown enemies out to ...

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Singularity Sky

In a world transformed by the Eschaton, a sentient artificial intelligence, the colony of New Republic, founded by people who ...

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Iron Sunrise

Charles Stross...

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“Stross’s work offers a potent reminder of why short stories used to be the preferred delivery method for science ...

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Download A Man Lies Dreaming Book

A Man Lies Dreaming

Winner of the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize. Adolf Hitler is transported to London, 1939, where he makes a feeble living as ...

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Download The Labyrinth Index Book

The Labyrinth Index

“A bizarre yet effective yoking of the spy and horror genres.” —The Washington Post Book World The Lovecraftian Singularity has ...

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Download Accelerando Book


The Singularity. It is the era of the posthuman. Artificial intelligences have surpassed the limits of human intellect. Biotechnological beings ...

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A smart, funny take on the Charles Dickens classic BLEAK HOUSE—for anyone who’s ever held on to a ...

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Download The Witches  Dream Book  and Fortune Teller Book

The Witches Dream Book and Fortune Teller

"The Witches' Dream Book; and Fortune Teller" by A. H. Noe. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide ...

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Download Empire Games Book

Empire Games

Charles Stross builds a new series with Empire Games, expanding on the world he created in the Family Trade series, ...

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Download Broken Identity Book

Broken Identity

Drake Pearson, a narrow-minded 18-year-old barely enduring Missouri’s heat, is tired of feeling empty. Living conditions are about as ...

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Download Dreaming Dangerously Book

Dreaming Dangerously

Praise for DREAMING DANGEROUSLY 5 out of 5 star reviews: Once I read the first page, I couldn't put it down until ...

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Download Truggle Book


In a small wooded lot a busy woman stumbles upon a strange doll the neighbors possibly left. She attempts to ...

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Download The Annihilation Score Book

The Annihilation Score

Hugo Award-winning author Charles Stross presents the next case in The Laundry Files, “a weirdly alluring blend of super-spy thriller, ...

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Download The Dead Ones Book

The Dead Ones

In the wake of a meteor storm, a 15 year old boy discovers a very unusual stone in his backyard. It's ...

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Download Dark State Book

Dark State

Dark State is the second book in a thrilling series - set in the same world as Charles Stross' Merchant ...

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Download A Spark of Magic Book

A Spark of Magic

MAGIC IS STIRRING UP LUST, ROMANCE, DANGER-AND REVEALING LONG-HIDDEN TRUTHS. Charlize, aka Charlie, is moving yet again, to a new ...

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Download Selkie Summer Book

Selkie Summer

In Selkie Summer, Ken MacLeod delivers a rich contemporary fantasy that is steeped in Celtic lore, nuclear submarines and secrets, ...

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Download Chasing the Dream Book

Chasing the Dream

One is driven from failure to success. The other is willing to let his friends die to chase his dream. ...

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Download Cold Gather Book

Cold Gather

Cold Gather begins as notorious, self-destructive glassblower Neil Bishop is diagnosed with a malignant, inoperable tumor. Told he has less ...

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Download Until Someone Gets Hurt Book

Until Someone Gets Hurt

"The breathtaking scope, complexity and theatrics of this scam and these con men rivals any Hollywood movie."--Kamala Harris, Attorney ...

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Download Boxers   Briefs Book

Boxers Briefs

Boxers Real Men Don't Wax Cinderella's clueless. Prince charming, he is not. But that's not going to keep one devil ...

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Download Rose from the Grave Book

Rose from the Grave


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Download One More Book

One More

All Jack Falcone wants to do is be a veterinarian. While hoping to get into school he spends his mornings ...

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Download Get What You Want Book

Get What You Want

If you want to go up the ladder of success, if you want to get what you want, if you ...

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Download Within Walls Book

Within Walls

When the line between nightmare and reality fades, who can Sadie turn to when those closest to her are the ...

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Download More Walls Broken Book

More Walls Broken


 4/5 (from 21)     Fiction  Subterranean Press DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Broken Book


A family in pain, desperate to find out what is ripping apart their once tight-knit group, turns to therapy for ...

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Download Lily s Payback Book

Lily s Payback

Imagine four schoolteachers in a romantic thriller. At her twin brother's funeral, Lily touches his casket, whispering a Scottish blood ...

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Download The Dead Detective Agency Book

The Dead Detective Agency

Recent murder victim Tori can't make peace with the afterlife until she finds out who killed her and why. With ...

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Download Regarding Anna Book

Regarding Anna

Things that happen to you in the past can mold you into someone you...

 4/5 (from 21)     Chicago (Ill.)  Unknown DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download You Decide Book

You Decide

The sketch-style depictions and unusual fonts create an eerie atmosphere where the reader has to decide if what they see ...

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Download The Email Book

The Email

As a young child, becoming a beautiful bride seemed like the ultimate fairy-tale dream. But for Alex Payne, the fantasy ...

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