Harrow The Ninth

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Harrow the Ninth

Harrow the Ninth, an Amazon pick for Best SFF of 2020 and the New York Times and USA Today bestselling sequel ...

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Download Gideon the Ninth Book

Gideon the Ninth

Gideon the Ninth is the first book in the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Locked Tomb Trilogy, and ...

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Download Last Memoria Book

Last Memoria

Love, lies and memory thieves. There's nothing Sarilla hates more than stealing memories, but the king forces her to, just ...

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Download Ardulum Book


The planet wakes. Atalant is torn between two worlds. In uncharted space, head of a sentient planet, the new eld ...

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Download The Swallowed Man Book

The Swallowed Man

A NEW YORK TIMES EDITORS' CHOICE “A strange and tender parable . . . All of Edward Carey's work is profound and delightful.” – ...

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Download Harrow the Ninth  Act One Book

Harrow the Ninth Act One

Can't wait to read Harrow the Ninth, the sequel to the sensational, USA Today best-selling novel Gideon the Ninth? Check ...

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Download The Monster of Elendhaven Book

The Monster of Elendhaven

“A black tide of perversity, violence, and lush writing. I loved it.” —Joe Hill Debut author Jennifer Giesbrecht paints a ...

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Download Empire Games Book

Empire Games

Charles Stross builds a new series with Empire Games, expanding on the world he created in the Family Trade series, ...

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Download Space Opera Book

Space Opera

2019 HUGO AWARD FINALIST, BEST NOVEL The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy meets the joy and glamour of Eurovision in bestselling ...

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Download A Time of Courage Book

A Time of Courage

Heroes shall rise and fall, the earth shall be stained red, and the fate of the Banished Lands will be ...

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Download The Demon of the Air Book

The Demon of the Air

"Hooked me in five pages. The main character is fascinatingly complex and unusual." ---Conn Iggulden, author of The Field of ...

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Download Heap House Book

Heap House

Part one of an unusual and astonishing new fantasy trilogy that blends fine literary fare with a terrific romp through ...

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Download Euphoria Kids Book

Euphoria Kids

'More than just a coming-of-age novel, this is a story about queer teenagers realising the magic they have and allowing ...

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Download Gun Machine Book

Gun Machine

Warren Ellis reimagines New York City as a puzzle with the most dangerous pieces of all: GUNS. After a shootout ...

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Download A House Is a Body Book

A House Is a Body

Finalist for the 2021 PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize for Debut Short Story Collection Finalist for the Los Angeles Times Art ...

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Download Knee Deep in Grit Book

Knee Deep in Grit

Get knee-deep in grit with twenty-six grimdark fantasy and sci-fi short stories from the shadowy vaults of Grimdark Magazine. The ...

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Download Red Noise Book

Red Noise

Caught up in a space station turf war between gangs and corrupt law, a lone asteroid miner decides to take ...

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Download The Girl and the Stars Book

The Girl and the Stars

A stunning new epic fantasy series following a young outcast who must fight with everything she has to survive, set ...

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Download The First Sister Book

The First Sister

Combining the social commentary of The Handmaid’s Tale with the white-knuckled thrills of Red Rising, this epic space opera ...

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Download The Widow s House Book

The Widow s House

THE RISE OF THE DRAGON AND THE FALL OF KINGS Lord Regent Geder Palliako's war has led his nation and ...

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Download Unconquerable Sun Book

Unconquerable Sun

"Non-stop action! Space battles! Intrigue! This is the kind of space opera that I love best—but Elliott does it ...

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Download Tigers  Not Daughters Book

Tigers Not Daughters

A Kirkus Reviews Best Young Adult Book of 2020 A SLJ Best Book of 2020 A Shelf Awareness Best Book of 2020 A 2020 ...

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Download Phoenix Extravagant Book

Phoenix Extravagant

Dragons. Art. Revolution. Gyen Jebi isn’t a fighter or a subversive. They just want to paint. One day they’...

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Download Stung Book


When the honeybee population disappears and a pandemic sweeps across the planet, the government tried a bio-engineered cure even deadlier ...

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Download Girls of Storm and Shadow Book

Girls of Storm and Shadow

In this mesmerizing sequel to the New York Times bestseller Girls of Paper and Fire, Lei and Wren have escaped ...

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Download Docile Book


K. M. Szpara's Docile is a science fiction parable about love and sex, wealth and debt, abuse and power, a ...

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Download Ash and Quill Book

Ash and Quill

The unforgettable characters from Ink and Bone and Paper and Fire unite to save the Great Library of Alexandria from ...

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Download By Force Alone Book

By Force Alone

A retelling of Arthurian myth from World Fantasy Award-winner Lavie Tidhar, By Force Alone. Everyone thinks they know the story ...

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Download The Luminous Dead Book

The Luminous Dead

"This claustrophobic, horror-leaning tour de force is highly recommended for fans of Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation and Andy Weir’s ...

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Download This Is Not A Game Book

This Is Not A Game

THIS IS NOT A GAME is a novel built around the coolest phenomenon in the world. That phenomenon is known ...

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Download Mapping the Bones Book

Mapping the Bones

From the best-selling and award-winning author of The Devil's Arithmetic, Jane Yolen, comes her first Holocaust novel in nearly thirty ...

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Download The Hazel Wood Book

The Hazel Wood

Welcome to Melissa Albert's The Hazel Wood—the fiercely stunning New York Times bestseller everyone is raving about! Seventeen-year-old Alice ...

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Download Anhaga Book


Aramin Decourcey-Min to his few friends-might be the best thief in Amberwich, and he might have a secret that helps ...

 4/5 (from 21)     Uncategorized  Unknown DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Spare and Found Parts Book

Spare and Found Parts

Nell Crane has never held a boy’s hand. In a city devastated by an epidemic, where survivors are all ...

 3/5 (from 2)     Young Adult Fiction  HarperCollins DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download The Nightjar Book

The Nightjar

The Nightjar by Deborah Hewitt is a stunning contemporary fantasy debut about another London, a magical world hidden behind the ...

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Download The Atrocities Book

The Atrocities

Jeremy Shipp brings you THE ATROCITIES, a haunting gothic fantasy of a young ghost's education When Isabella died, her parents ...

 3/5 (from 4)     Fiction  Tor.com DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Rise of the Ranger  Echoes of Fate  Book 1  Book

Rise of the Ranger Echoes of Fate Book 1

A brand new trilogy from Philip C. Quaintrell, author of The Terran Cycle.The Echoes of Fate, a prophesy uttered ...

 4/5 (from 21)     Uncategorized  Unknown DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Other Words for Smoke Book

Other Words for Smoke

Twins Mae and Rossa’s summer away from home becomes life altering when they discover a house full of witches, ...

 4/5 (from 21)     Young Adult Fiction  HarperCollins DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download On Fragile Waves Book

On Fragile Waves

The haunting story of a family of dreamers and tale-tellers looking for home in an unwelcoming world. This exquisite and ...

 3/5 (from 3)     Fiction  Erewhon Books DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Rhythm of War Book

Rhythm of War

An instant #1 New York Times Bestseller and a USA Today and Indie Bestseller! The Stormlight Archive saga continues in Rhythm ...

 3.5/5 (from 6)     Fiction  Tor Books DOWNLOAD BOOK