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Inside Story

Martin Amis's dazzling autobiographical novel of a unique literary life seen through the lens of friendships, family, sex and love, ...

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Download Inside Story Book

Inside Story

“The Mick Jagger of literature . . . Amis is the most dazzling prose stylist in post-war British fiction.” —Mick Brown, The Daily ...

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Internal Coaching

Internal Coaching: The Inside Story provides a window into the world of internal coaching: the challenges and rewards for the ...

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Regulating Charities

In this volume charity commissioners and leading charity policy reformers from across the world reflect on the aims and objectives ...

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Download 21  Bringing Down the House   Movie Tie In Book

21 Bringing Down the House Movie Tie In

Recounts the story of how a notorious gang of MIT blackjack savants devised and received backing for a system for ...

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Download Inside Story Book

Inside Story

Stories have persuasive powers: they can influence how a person thinks and acts. Inside Story explores the capacity of stories ...

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Intuition The Inside Story

Science could never have proceeded without the creativity of intuition--yet intuition is poorly understood and poorly studied. In Intuition: The ...

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No Filter

Winner of the 2020 Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award * Named “Best Book of the Year” by ...

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Download The Inside Story of the Peace Conference Book

The Inside Story of the Peace Conference

"The Inside Story of the Peace Conference" by Emile Joseph Dillon. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide ...

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Download Inside Stories Book

Inside Stories

Although articles reporting research studies are helpful in acquainting students with methodological approaches, they often make the process look so ...

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Conference Inside Story a Radio Broadcast June 9 1945


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Download I Am C 3PO   The Inside Story Book

I Am C 3PO The Inside Story

"Gloriously witty, keen and spirited" J.J. Abrams, Director of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker "The odds of me ...

 3/5 (from 6)     Biography & Autobiography  Penguin DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Inside Story Book

Inside Story

'In the beginning there was Syd Field. Then came McKee and Vogler. Now there is Dara Marks. Marks has long ...

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Final Days


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Sotheby s

A provocative expose+a7 of the great American auction house of Sotheby's explores the underhanded dealings, questionable practices, and shadowy ...

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Download The Sisters Grimm Book

The Sisters Grimm

After the shocking ending of The Everafter War, this book picks up with Sabrina, Daphne, and Puck stuck in the ...

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Download Inside Story Book

Inside Story

The much-anticipated and extraordinarily compelling account of Peter Lloyd's very public fall from grace on drug charges in Singapore....

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Download Faces of Labour Book

Faces of Labour

Updated since the May election, FACES OF LABOUR gives a unique insight into a range of Labour politicians including Tony ...

 4/5 (from 21)     Biography & Autobiography  Verso DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download C60  Buckminsterfullerene Book

C60 Buckminsterfullerene

This compendium of accounts reveals the unique perspectives of many scientists who made major contributions to the Nobel Prize-winning discovery ...

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You will never think about your brain in the same way again. The brain is often portrayed as an organ ...

 4/5 (from 21)     Science  Doubleday Canada DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download The Rub of Time Book

The Rub of Time

The definitive collection of essays and reportage written during the past thirty years from one of most provocative and widely ...

 4/5 (from 21)     Literary Collections  Knopf Canada DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download All the Pieces Matter Book

All the Pieces Matter

Since its final episode aired in 2008, HBO's acclaimed crime drama The Wire has only become more popular and influential. The ...

 4/5 (from 4)     Baltimore (Md.)  Three Rivers Press (CA) DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Australia s Sporting Success Book

Australia s Sporting Success

The extraordinary performances of Australian athletes, and the awareness of the system that fostered them, came to the world's attention ...

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Download The Transuranium People Book

The Transuranium People

In this highly interesting book, three pioneering investigators provide an account of the discovery and investigation of the nuclear and ...

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Download Apollo 11 Book

Apollo 11

‘Terrific and enthralling’ New Scientist Fifty years ago, in July 1969, Apollo 11 became the first manned mission to land on the ...

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Download Inside Story Book

Inside Story

Inside Story tackles the myriad approaches to the burgeoning genre of creative nonfiction--from memoir to criticism to literary journalism to ...

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Download Fortress Rochester Book

Fortress Rochester


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Download The Facebook Effect Book

The Facebook Effect

An insider's history of the online social network traces the collaborations and conflicts among its founders, the personalities that shaped ...

 3.5/5 (from 12)     Business & Economics  Simon and Schuster DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Patriotism Or National Betrayal  Book

Patriotism Or National Betrayal


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Download Death  An Inside Story Book

Death An Inside Story

Death is a taboo in most societies in the world. But what if we have got this completely wrong? What ...

 4.5/5 (from 8)     Literary Collections  Penguin Random House India Private Limited DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Experience Book


Martin Amis is one of the most gifted and innovative writers of our time. With Experience, he discloses a private ...

 4/5 (from 6)     Biography & Autobiography  Vintage Canada DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download The Pregnant Widow Book

The Pregnant Widow

The eagerly anticipated new novel from the inimitable Martin Amis. Summer 1970 — a long, hot summer. In a castle in Italy, ...

 3/5 (from 14)     Fiction  Knopf Canada DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Codebreakers Book


The story of Bletchley Park, the successful intelligence operation that cracked Germany's Enigma Code. Photos....

 5/5 (from 1)     History  Oxford University Press, USA DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Transforming Multilateral Diplomacy Book

Transforming Multilateral Diplomacy

Transforming Multilateral Diplomacy provides the inside view of the negotiations that produced the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Not only ...

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Download Christian Bale Book

Christian Bale

Chronicles the life of the actor, focusing on his rise to fame, dedication, dark humor, and angry streak....

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Download The Dark Side Book

The Dark Side

The Dark Side is a dramatic, riveting, and definitive narrative account of how the United States made self-destructive decisions in ...

 4/5 (from 19)     History  Anchor DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Inside Story  Politics  Intrigue and Treachery from Thatcher to Brexit Book

Inside Story Politics Intrigue and Treachery from Thatcher to Brexit

From one of the greatest political journalists of recent times, an insider’s account of four decades of covering the ...

 4/5 (from 21)     Biography & Autobiography  HarperCollins UK DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download Bre X Book

Bre X

For 2 years, BRE-X was the darling of the world's stock markets. Millionaires were created over night; until the scam was ...

 4/5 (from 21)     Business & Economics  Key Porter Books DOWNLOAD BOOK
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"A history of Heenan Blaikie, a Canadian law firm which went from being a leading firm to its collapse in 2014."...

 4/5 (from 21)     Business & Economics  Barlow Publishing DOWNLOAD BOOK