Loving A Photographic History Of Men In Love 1850s 1950s

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Affectionate Men

Dozens of period photographs--including daguerreotypes, tintypes, cabinet cards, and more--celebrate the affectionate relationships and friendships between men, both gay and ...

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Francis Bacon

- A thoroughly illustrated monograph of Francis Bacon by a personal friend of the artist- An exceptional collection of Bacon imagery, ...

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Download Coming Out Under Fire Book

Coming Out Under Fire

Among the many histories of fighting men and women in World War II, little has been written about the thousands ...

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Download Who s a Pretty Boy Then  Book

Who s a Pretty Boy Then

More than 600 pictures ? portraits and pornography, postcards and cuttings and snapshots from private albums ? go to make up one man's ...

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Download Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher Book

Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher

“A vivid exploration of one man's lifelong obsession with an idea . . . Egan’s spirited biography might just bring [Curtis] the ...

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Download Fighting Proud Book

Fighting Proud

In this astonishing new history of wartime Britain, historian Stephen Bourne unearths the fascinating stories of the gay men who ...

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Download Doug s Gym Book

Doug s Gym

Norm Diamond photographed the last months of a dilapidated, yet beautiful old gym in Dallas, Texas. These stark images could ...

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Download Muscle Boys Book

Muscle Boys

What was once a lifestyle for a small number of gay men in big cities has become a way of ...

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Download Love Stories Book

Love Stories

The author uses diaries, letters, newspapers, and poems to explore intimacy between men before the words "gay" and "homosexual" dominated ...

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Download Gay Bar Book

Gay Bar

An intimate trip through queer history. "An absolute tour de force." ―Maggie Nelson Strobing lights and dark rooms; throbbing house ...

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Male Nude Now

As images of men's bodies have proliferated in pop culture and advertising during the past decade, many artists and photographers ...

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Download The Man who Fell in Love with the Moon Book

The Man who Fell in Love with the Moon

The plot twists around the questions of humanity in a comic contemporary novel that portrays the trials of Shed, a ...

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Download At Ease Book

At Ease

A pictorial record of the Navy during World War II forgoes the common depictions of battle in favor of showing ...

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Nothing but the best of 15 years of a success story. Simply the cr�me de la cr�me of the ...

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Download Tom Bianchi  63 E 9th Street Book

Tom Bianchi 63 E 9th Street

In 1975, Tom Bianchi moved to New York City and took a job as in-house counsel at Columbia Pictures. That first ...

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Blackstock s Collections

Modern life is an ever-accelerating barrage of people, buildings, vehicles, creatures, and things. How much can a curious mind take ...

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Download Vogue  The Covers  updated edition  Book

Vogue The Covers updated edition

In this stunning updated edition of the successful Vogue: The Covers, Vogue continues to pay tribute to its tradition of ...

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Download Uncensored Book


In this unique collection of black and white photography, acclaimed artist Gruenholtz has accomplished something very rare in male erotica. ...

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Download Our Subway Baby Book

Our Subway Baby

This gentle and incredibly poignant picture book tells the true story of how one baby found his home. "Some babies ...

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Download Earthly Beauty Book

Earthly Beauty

American artist Kurt R. Brown photographs his models in the majestic settings of our nature; attractive men and unique landscapes ...

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Download Slim Aarons  Women Book

Slim Aarons Women

Slim Aarons: Women explores the central subject of Slim Aarons’s career—the extraordinary women from the upper echelons of ...

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Download Brooklyn Boys Book

Brooklyn Boys

The Undiscovered World of Danny Fitzgerald. The photographs of Danny Fitzgerald are an undiscovered treasure, making him one of the ...

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Download Rainbow Revolution Book

Rainbow Revolution

Rainbow Revolution is a collection of vibrant portraits that celebrate the expanding spectrum of queer identity and visibility. Starting with ...

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A Book About Love

“Jonah Lehrer has a lot to offer the world….The book is interesting on nearly every page….Good writers make ...

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Download Men and Friendship Book

Men and Friendship

An intimate, revealing look at the rewards of close male friendships. Through his personal quest Miller exposes the underlying codes ...

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Download Luke Gilford  National Anthem  America s Queer Rodeo Book

Luke Gilford National Anthem America s Queer Rodeo

A unique document of America's gay rodeo subculture, National Anthem is a celebration of outsiders and the beauty of chosen ...

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Tidal Flats

2020 IPPY Award Winner for Literary Fiction, 2020 NIEA Winner for General Fiction and Best Cover In this elegant and honest debut ...

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Download Forget Me Not Book

Forget Me Not

'Forget Me Not' explores the relationship between photography and memory and shows how ordinary people have sought to strengthen the ...

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Download The Fat Loss Plan Book

The Fat Loss Plan

Are you fed up with restrictive dieting? Do you feel you’ve tried everything before and failed? Then this plan ...

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Download Power Up Book

Power Up

With empowering insights to help women navigate the narrowest corridors of sexism, tech-industry pioneer Magdalena Yesil shares on-the-ground career advice ...

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Download Love Letters of Great Men Book

Love Letters of Great Men

From the private papers of Mark Twain and Mozart to those of Robert Browning and Nelson, Love Letters of Great ...

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Download Male Bonding Book

Male Bonding

'Male Bonding Volume Two' features 120 handsome photographs of men together - working, playing, fighting and loving. Compiled by photo editor ...

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Download Gays in the Military Book

Gays in the Military

"Through compelling photographs and interviews made over three years on road trips across the US, Vincent Cianni (born 1952) has created ...

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Download Man to Man Book

Man to Man

This comprehensive study of homoeroticism and male homosexuality surveys the homoerotic urge in fashion photography, including layouts in Vogue and ...

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Download The Glamour Boys Book

The Glamour Boys


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Download Expose Love Book

Expose Love

A photographic collection of male couples posed in classical settings....

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Download A Gay Man s Guide to Life Book

A Gay Man s Guide to Life

Many gay men find ourselves trapped in a series of no-win situations. If we don't live honestly and openly, we ...

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Download Beefcake Book


A fun and humorous treasure trove of extremely rare, all-American beefcake pinups. From the author of Bunny Yeager’s Darkroom ...

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Download Unruly Desires Book

Unruly Desires

In its voracious hunger to fill its decks and spars with the bodies of strong young sailors, nineteenth century maritime ...

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