Simon The Fiddler

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Simon the Fiddler

“The reader is treated to a kind of alchemy on the page when character, setting and song converge at all ...

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Download Simon the Fiddler Book

Simon the Fiddler

The critically acclaimed, bestselling author of News of the World and Enemy Women returns to Texas in this atmospheric story, ...

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Take Nothing With You

From the bestselling author of A PLACE CALLED WINTER comes a compassionate, compelling new novel of boyhood, coming of age, ...

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News of the World

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture National Book Award Finalist—Fiction In the aftermath of the Civil War, an ...

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Colour Of Lightning

At the end of the Civil War, Britt Johnson, a freed black man, travels with his family from Kentucky to ...

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The Fiddler on Pantico Run

In this gorgeously written and “vividly fascinating” (Elle) account, a prize-winning journalist digs deep into his ancestry looking for the ...

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Enemy Women

For the Colleys of southeastern Missouri, the War between the States is a plague that threatens devastation, despite the family’...

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Download The Fiddler in the Subway Book

The Fiddler in the Subway

GENE WEINGARTEN IS THE O. HENRY OF AMERICAN JOURNALISM Simply the best storyteller around, Weingarten describes the world as you ...

 4.5/5 (from 7)     Language Arts & Disciplines  Simon and Schuster DOWNLOAD BOOK
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A police detective hunts for a pattern in a puzzling murder spree in this mystery by “a master” (Time). A ...

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Songs from the Deep

A girl searches for a killer on an island where deadly sirens lurk just beneath the waves in this “twisty, ...

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Download Lighthouse Island Book

Lighthouse Island

Paulette Jiles, the bestselling author of the highly praised novels The Color of Lightning, Stormy Weather, and Enemy Women, pushes ...

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Download Scottish Fiddle Encyclopedia Book

Scottish Fiddle Encyclopedia

As part of the Mel Bay Encyclopedia Series, the purpose of this book is to offer fiddlers direct access to ...

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Download Stormy Weather Book

Stormy Weather

From Paulette Jiles, the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of Enemy Women, comes a poignant and unforgettable story of ...

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North Spirit

Jack the B. May/03....

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Sailor and Fiddler

In an unprecedented literary accomplishment, Herman Wouk, one of America’s most beloved and enduring authors, reflects on his life ...

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Download A Sliver of Stardust Book

A Sliver of Stardust

From Marissa Burt, author of Storybound, comes a richly imagined middle grade fantasy loosely inspired by the rhymes of Mother ...

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Download The Devil and Daniel Webster Book

The Devil and Daniel Webster

This early work by Stephen Vincent Benét was originally published in 1937 and we are now republishing it with a ...

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Download After Anatevka Book

After Anatevka

The world knows well the tale of Tevye, the beloved Jewish dairyman from the shtetl Anatevka of Tsarist Russia. In ...

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Download The Rats of Hamelin Book

The Rats of Hamelin

"In that scented, touch-filled Pipeworld, where notes speak clear as words, where connections are thick and countless, I felt the ...

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Download Gardens of the Moon Book

Gardens of the Moon

Vast legions of gods, mages, humans, dragons and all manner of creatures play out the fate of the Malazan Empire ...

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The author draws on memories from her own youth as she describes her meeting with Jim Johnson, a retired army ...

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Download Views and Reviews  Esprios Classics  Book

Views and Reviews Esprios Classics

Henry James OM (1843-1916) was an Anglo-American novelist. He was one of the most important literary people of the late 19...

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Danielle is a troubled but bright girl at Martino Prep, an old private academy she attends to help her chances ...

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Download The Email Book

The Email

As a young child, becoming a beautiful bride seemed like the ultimate fairy-tale dream. But for Alex Payne, the fantasy ...

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Download Echo Cross Book

Echo Cross

All old cities have their secrets. Early morning, August 1882. Inspector Aloysius Allaway is awoken and brought into the investigation of ...

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Download Understanding Scotland Musically Book

Understanding Scotland Musically

Scottish traditional music has been through a successful revival in the mid-twentieth century and has now entered a professionalised and ...

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Download You ve Got Time Book

You ve Got Time

Enjoy 20 limited-detail illustrations, designed for those who would rather keep it simple. Each page was hand-drawn and edited by K ...

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Download Solution 196 213 Book

Solution 196 213

Solution 196-213: United States of Palestine-Israel is an anthology of texts proposing a doable solution for the region. With contributors ...

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Download The Mothers Book

The Mothers

"Like all my favorite books, The Mothers is both heartbreaking and heartwarming, and it leaves you with a lot to ...

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Download Blackwater Book


A selection of prose and poetry by an acclaimed Canadian writer includes the prose/poem novella "A Manual of Etiquette ...

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Download The Month of June Book

The Month of June

If you were getting ready to leave behind everything you've ever known, what would you do? Written by young author ...

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Download Simon the Fiddler Book

Simon the Fiddler


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Download Just Enough and Not Too Much Book

Just Enough and Not Too Much

Simon the fiddler decides he needs more--more chairs, more hats, more stuffed animals--until he discovers that his house is too ...

 4/5 (from 21)     Juvenile Fiction  Arthur a Levine DOWNLOAD BOOK
Download 33 Bits Book

33 Bits

In 33 Bits, a gold charm bracelet tangibly records the adventure, friendships, love, and disappointment experienced by a young American woman ...

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Download Lead Like the Best Book

Lead Like the Best

"Lead like the Best" is a revolutionary book filled with fundamental principles and tools to impact individuals who are serious ...

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Download When the Mighty Fall Book

When the Mighty Fall

Follow in this book the odyssey of a man in search of an own global domain of personal identity, strength, ...

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Download The Showing Book

The Showing

Based on more of a true story than you might wish to believe. It was a house Mister Jones knew ...

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Download When Ghosts Come Home Book

When Ghosts Come Home

The eagerly awaited novel from the New York Times bestselling author of A Land More Kind Than Home, a tender ...

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Download Time to Pause Book

Time to Pause

Poems about animals we live around, nature and its affects on us, also other things to pause and think about. ...

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Download The Book Book

The Book

Everything you need to know to look after yourself to bring about and maintain perfect health, prosperity, wealth, happiness, quality ...

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